Suncoast Introduces the LM-1 Dynamic Limiter Pedal

Suncoast LM-1 Dynamic Limiter PedalSuncoast has unveiled a new pedal called the LM-1 Dynamic Limiter. Designed for both bass and guitar, the unit is described as a “classic true RMS Limiter design with variable threshold.”

The pedal also has an attack switch for fast or slow attack time. Each of the attack modes was modeled after the vintage Pearce G1 and BC1 units, and the LM-1 even utilizes a vintage NOS Harris CA3080 compressor IC from Pearce’s original inventory.

Other features include a diecast aluminum enclosure with black satin powder coating and either a 9-volt battery or pedalboard power supply operation. It’s available now for $199.

Suncoast LM-1 Dynamic Limiter Pedal Features:

Classic True RMS Limiter design with variable Threshold control
Attack switch for fast (500uS) or slow (5mS) attack time (G1 or BC1)
Vintage NOS (New Old Stock) Harris CA3080 compressor IC from original Pearce inventory
1 Meg ohm Input Impedance (No Pickup Loading), 1K ohm Output Impedance
Ultra quiet 280KHz switching DC power supply for +/-15V internal operation, 26V Peak to Peak Dynamic Headroom
Solid, Diecast Aluminum Enclosure, Durable Black Satin Powder Coating - Dimensions 4.4″L x 2.4″W x 1.2″H
9V Battery or Pedal Board Power Supply (30mA)

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  1. David Vota

    I’ve got it and it is smokin.

  2. This is the powerful Limiter from the Pearce Preamps. Sounds absolutely AMAZING !!