Hilbish Design Introduces Sunn-Inspired Red Fang Night Destroyer Preamp Pedal

Hilbish Design Red Fang Night Destroyer Preamp Pedal

Hilbish Design has teamed up with Red Fang to release a new limited-edition pedal called the Night Destroyer. The unit, limited to 150 units worldwide, is based on the Sunn Beta Series amps the band has used throughout their career. The 8×6 heavy-duty pedal sized enclosure has dual channels that can be used to create huge tone.

“The individual channel outputs can be run into a stereo power amplifier for the ultimate Bi-Amp rig,” Hilbish writes. “For example, run Channel A set up with an overdriven dirty tone into a 4×12 guitar cabinet and Channel B clean with lows boosted into a bass cabinet. This will give a gritty bass tone that maintains low-end with maximum control!”

Each channel has a Drive control that goes from “squeaky clean to completely fuzzed out.” They also have separate level controls, 3-band EQ’s, and outputs. The I/O also includes a balanced output, a line output, and an Instrument out.

The Hilbish Design Red Fang Night Destroyer is available now for $365.

Hilbish Design Red Fang Night Destroyer Preamp Pedal Features:

Two identical channels that can be run independently or in parallel
Each channel features a Drive control that can go from squeaky clean to completely fuzzed out
Active 3-band EQ allows for maximum tone sculpting
Extensive IO includes instrument and line-level outputs, independent outputs for each channel for BI-AMP rigs, and a balanced output for DI applications
Three footswitches allow for complete control over channel switching

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