Federico Malaman and Joe Dart: Dean Town (Live)

Until now, we’ve only seen a fan-shot video of this master class performance at the 2018 Sligo Jazz.

Federico Malaman shared this version of his performance of the Vulfpeck hit “Dean Town”, with Joe Dart.

“Today’s video is a wonderful memory from 2018,” Federico shared. “During the prestigious Sligo Jazz Festival in Ireland, where I was both a performer and electric bass teacher, I helped as ‘presenter-interviewer’ for the Bass Masterclass by Joe Dart (bass player for Vulfpeck). On top of talking about many topics from the wonderful world of bass, we played some tunes from Vulfpeck’s repertoire, including the iconic ‘Dean Town.’ This is the video taken from our epic jam, together with the great Nicolas Viccaro on drums! It was an incredible experience playing with these two monster musicians. Loved every minute of it!”

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