Tim Lefebvre and Jason Lindner Team Up for “sedatø”

Tim Lefebvre and Jason Lindner: sedatøMusical masterminds Tim Lefebvre and Jason Lindner helped make musical history as part of the band for David Bowie’s final masterpiece, Blackstar. Their palpable chemistry, which was also forged in Donny McCaslin’s band, led them to create a new project called sedatø.

The duo has just released a self-titled debut album that explores synth sounds and driving beats for a style they dub “prog-tronica.”

“I was a fan of Jason as a composer and musician,” Lefebvre says of the band’s creation. “Then we ended up starting to play together. We had a good time and shared a lot of the same influences. Jason is so good on analog synths.”

If you follow Lefebvre on Instagram, you know he’s no slouch on the keys, either. The bassist dishes out huge, fuzzy bass tones that will put hair on your chest. Check out the video for “øvrcnfdnt”:

sedatø is available now through Bandcamp.

sedatø Track List:

  1. Innsaie
  2. øvrcnfdnt
  3. Sleeep
  4. Xscvt
  5. Mycelium takeøver
  6. Sø numb

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  1. Donald Canard

    You do realise that using ø in these track names is like using ümlauts in heavy metal bands, right?