Alex Weber: Playthrough of Obscura’s “Septuagint”, Live in Baltimore

Alex Weber is a beast on the bass, and here’s some more proof. Earlier this year he filled in on bass for Obscura’s U.S. tour. Here he shares a video of the song “Septuagint” from their February performance at Baltimore Soundstage.

“For those of you who were at the Obscura concert in Baltimore a few months ago, you might’ve noticed something attached to my headstock when we came out and played the encore,” he writes. “After we got settled into the flow of the tour, I thought it would be a cool idea to film a live playthrough video, especially since we had a killer videographer with a bunch of cameras, a sick light show AND an even sicker venue to boot. ‘Septuagint’, I thought, was also a great tune to pick for this because of how dramatic and dynamic it is and because of how much of a lead role the bass plays in it. Besides all that, it was one that I just really looked forward to playing every night since it’s so much fun to play. Super stoked with how this turned out! There are obviously no do-overs live so I only had one shot.”

Watch Weber tear it up on the six-string fretless:

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