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Bass Gear

Gear Watch: The Uni-Stand

Bassist Reginald Means has created a product to help alleviate amp-tilting woes: the uni-stand. Means wanted to develop a device to let bassists easily position their amplifiers to best monitor their sound. He is a machine tool technology instructor and brought his vision to life. After years of prototyping it is now available. “I got tired of bending over and...

Player News

Esperanza Spalding Re-Invents Young Jazz Education

In a recent article by the LA Times bassist Esperanza Spalding revealed how she is teaching young children about jazz in new and engaging ways with band mate Leo Genovese. She has introduced free jazz improvisation to young children with a Cops & Robbers spin: Leo musician plays a lead, and Spalding tries to catch him – if she succeeds...

David Pajo Joins Interpol
Player News

David Pajo Joins Interpol

We previously reported that bassist Carlos D. left the band Interpol, and now the band has announced David Pajo will be stepping up as his replacement. Pajo previously played in the band Slint and was also part of Zwan with Billy Corgan. With the addition on Pajo released the news that their upcoming album in September will be self-titled Interpol....

Bass Videos

Slipknot Releases Video Tribute to Paul Gray

Following the passing of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray, the band has created a tribute video commemorating their band mate. The video is mostly interview clips of Gray speaking about a wide range of topics including childhood, Des Moines and the band itself, giving fans a better glimpse into the bassist’s life.

Player News

Paul McCartney Honored at the White House

Paul McCartney recently performed at the White House East Room, opening up with the same Höfner bass he used in 1964 with The Beatles. The ceremony was his acceptance of the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. He is the third winner of the Gershwin Prize, and the first who is not American. With first lady Michelle Obama...

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Matt Rubano Collaborating with Patrick Stump

Bassist Matt Rubano, the former bassist of Taking Back Sunday, recently confirmed that he is working with Patrick Stump in the development of his new solo album. Stump is the frontman for Fall Out Boy. Rubano said on Friends Or Enemies Radio that “We’ve been talking about helping to put the band together to go on tour for his record.”...

Concerts & Tours

Future of the Left Continuing Tour With Replacement Bassist

Future of the Left has recently posted upcoming European tour dates despite the recent departure of bassist Kelson Matthias. Matthias announced his decision to leave the band through their MySpace blog. The upcoming shows are being handled by bassist Steven Hodson, who is the bassist for Oceansize and Kong. The tour dates are as follows: 3-Jun-10 UK Birmingham rainbow 4-Jun-10...

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Muse Bassist Reschedules USA Tour Dates

Muse has cancelled two shows and rescheduled two others for the North American tour in the late fall of this year. The changes are being made to accommodate bassist Chris Wolstenholme so he can be present for the birth of his fifth child. Muse has made refunds available for the changed shows and has assured fans they “haven’t forgotten them.”...

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Black Sabbath Bassist Remembers Dio

Black Sabbath bassist Terry “Geezer” Butler released a statement Tuesday remembering his friend and band mate Ronnie James Dio. A brief excerpt from his latest entry: “It’s impossible to express in mere words the relationship Ronnie and I, Wendy and my wife Gloria had. He was much more than a friend, fellow musician, band mate. If I have a soul,...

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All-Star Cast Projected for Bootsy Collins’ Funk University

We covered the launch of Bootsy Collins’ Funk University back in March. Since then, Bootsy’s confirmed an all-star cast for the initial guest-professor line-up, including Les Claypool, Victor Wooten, Divinity Roxx, John B. Williams, T.M. Stevens and Dennis Chambers. Class enrollment is still scheduled to start July 1st at Funk University. The university is now boasting daily uploads of new...

New Albums

Jeff Bradetich Releases “Double Bass: The Ultimate Challenge”

Double Bass: The Ultimate Challenge, Jeff Bradetich’s long anticipated book on Pedagogy and Performance for the double bass, has been released. This 12 chapter books covers a wide scope including specific focus on the right and left hands, intonation, bow strokes, pizzicato techniques, standing vs. sitting, fingering concepts, harmonics, vibrato and practice methods. Bradetich has a very distinguished career, including...

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Brad Murray Leaves The Bled

Shortly after the release of their fourth album, The Bled has confirmed that bassist Brad Murray has left the band. Heat Fetish, released earlier this year, has received positive reviews. Murray’s departure comes right at the beginning of their latest USA tour “The Rise” with In Fear and Faith, Of Mice and Men, and The Color Morale. No statement has...