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Articles by Evan Kepner - Page 29

An Interview with Julie Slick

An Interview with Julie Slick

Days before hitting the road on tour with the Adrian Belew Trio, bassist Julie Slick was able to take the time to give us some insight into how she handles playing with a powerhouse like Belew. A graduate from the Paul Green School of Rock (yes, it existed before the movie), Julie is pretty busy these days with performing and...


Hadrien Feraud at Findamorale Festival

On June 5th and 6th (Friday and Saturday), Hadrien Feraud will be appearing with his band from Paris at the “FINDAMORALE” festival at Charlie Wright’s in Pitfield Street Shoreditch, London. His band includes: Michel Le Coq (keyboard) , Jim Grancamp (guitar), and Yoann Schmidt (drums). If you have not seen Hadrien before you are missing out. He has been described...

Player News

Jaco Pastorius Commemorative Stamp petition

Jaco Pastorius, the “World’s Greatest Bass Player,” is being honored by another grass-roots effort to continue the preservation of his memory, influence and music, in the form of a Jaco Pastorius commemorative stamp. The online petition can be found here for showing your support and approval. Be sure to check out the grass-roots Oakland Park MySpace page. Other great jazz...

New Albums

Trey Wright Trio: Thinking out Loud

The Trey Wright Trio has produced a killer jazz album with their new CD Thinking out Loud. The album released on Blue Canoe Records. The trio includes Trey Wright on guitar, Marc Miller on the upright bass (Mace Hibbard Quintet, Jacksonville State faculty member), and Marlon Patton on drums (Heavy Mojo, Grogus). The album features eight original compositions as well...

Bass Lessons

Lesson: Double Thumb Technique

There are a ton of Youtube videos out there with amazing bassists using this technique. Want to learn how? As a disclaimer, this takes a lot of time to get to a functional level, I spent 4 months of consistent practice before I was able to use it. That being said, the technique is totally learnable with regular practice, this...

Bass Gear

LMMS: Free Music Production Software

Are you a fan of drum and bass techno music? Have you ever caught yourself thinking you could do something like that? Do you need a programmed drum-beat to practice your new slap riffs or to use in a one-man-band performance? LMMS – the Linux Multimedia Studio – provides the platform to do all this and more, and is now...

New Albums

Ean Evans’ last recording: “Last Time”

EvanCapps, the side project between bassist Ean Evans Bobby Capps (keyboardist for .38 Special), have released Last Time. As we reported last week, Evans passed away on May 6th, after a battle with cancer. “Last Time” label, Rock Ridge Music, is donating a portion of the proceeds from the album sales to Lyrics for Life, in Evans’ name. “Although I...

New Albums

Bill Hart: This Is Why

From Atlanta, Georgia, Bill Hart brings us This is Why, an eclectic guitar-centered fusion album of original compositions moving seamlessly between blues funk rock and jazz released on Blue Canoe Records. Bill Hart flashes his chops on the guitar, along with Mike Stern (guitar) on the title track. The album includes: Randy Hoexter (piano/keys), Sam Skelton (sax), Joe Chalden, Jef...