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Articles by Evan Kepner - Page 3

  • Black Sabbath Bassist Remembers Dio

    Black Sabbath bassist Terry “Geezer” Butler released a statement Tuesday remembering his friend and band mate Ronnie James Dio. A brief excerpt from his latest entry: “It’s impossible to express in mere words the relationship Ronnie and I, Wendy and my wife Gloria had. He was much more than a friend, fellow musician, band mate.... »

  • All-Star Cast Projected for Bootsy Collins’ Funk University

    We covered the launch of Bootsy Collins’ Funk University back in March. Since then, Bootsy’s confirmed an all-star cast for the initial guest-professor line-up, including Les Claypool, Victor Wooten, Divinity Roxx, John B. Williams, T.M. Stevens and Dennis Chambers. Class enrollment is still scheduled to start July 1st at Funk University. The university is now... »

  • Jeff Bradetich Releases “Double Bass: The Ultimate Challenge”

    Double Bass: The Ultimate Challenge, Jeff Bradetich’s long anticipated book on Pedagogy and Performance for the double bass, has been released. This 12 chapter books covers a wide scope including specific focus on the right and left hands, intonation, bow strokes, pizzicato techniques, standing vs. sitting, fingering concepts, harmonics, vibrato and practice methods. Bradetich has... »

  • Brad Murray Leaves The Bled

    Shortly after the release of their fourth album, The Bled has confirmed that bassist Brad Murray has left the band. Heat Fetish, released earlier this year, has received positive reviews. Murray’s departure comes right at the beginning of their latest USA tour “The Rise” with In Fear and Faith, Of Mice and Men, and The... »

  • Stone Temple Pilots Bassist: Fatherhood, New Album and Tour

    This will be an exciting month for Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo and his wife – they’re expecting their second son to be born in the next few weeks. Stone Temple Pilots will also be releasing a new self-titled album on May 25th – the first since 2001’s Shangri-La-Dee-Da. DeLeo had the following to... »

  • Introduction to Bebop Scale Forms

    In this lesson we’ll explore the basic forms of Bebop scales so you can start getting the patterns down and experiment with them in your music. There are times when you solo that you may want to do a scale run over a chord. Have you ever noticed that a straight descending scale run as... »

  • Lesson: Minor Tetrachord Patterns

    Lesson: Minor Tetrachord Patterns

    In the last tetrachord lesson we went over the concept of tetrachords and how they change the way we think about scale patterns. In that lesson the focus was the major modes and a question was posted asking about the melodic minor and harmonic minor modes. Therefore this week’s article will go over tetrachords in... »

  • Contract Considerations

    Contract Considerations

    Whether you’re playing a small gig, major venue, or are signing a recording deal it’s crucial that you know the value of a contract and how to navigate one. This lesson will cover some common advantages and pitfalls to having an engagement-contract for a performance and what to look for in a recording-contract. Keep in... »

  • Lesson: Scale Patterns from Tetrachord Combinations

    Lesson: Scale Patterns from Tetrachord Combinations

    We normally think of scales in terms of eight-note patterns and treat them as a unit. There are the standard modal forms for both major and minor, the bop variations, blues variations, but all of these still cling to the paradigm of an octave based scale unit (even if the total number of notes in... »

  • Becoming a Great Band

    What does it take be become a “great” band? Believe it or not the collective skill of a group is not determined solely by the skills of its individual members. There is a level of ensemble technique that really elevates a band to be beyond average and gets the group noticed. As with all things... »