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Colin Edwin Releases Album With New Group, O.R.k.

O.R.k.: Inflamed RidesProlific progressive rock bassist Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree, Metallic Taste of Blood) has joined up with a new group of players in the group O.R.k., which has released its first album, Inflamed Rides.

“It was great to get stuck in to more arranged, song-based material after being recently focussed on purely instrumental material with Twinscapes [with bassist Lorenzo Feliciati] and Metallic Taste of Blood,” Edwin said. “As soon as I heard the pieces guitarist Carmelo Pipitone and Lef [vocalist/keyboardist Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari of Berserk!, Obake] were working on, it connected with me straight away; quirky, imaginative and well thought out but also very accessible. The whole album came together really quickly, which is great as it’s the first album with the four of us together [the band also includes Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson on drums], instant chemistry!”

“I always aim to come up with strong, integrated bass parts that add character whilst remaining supportive, and Carmelo’s guitar parts especially were really interesting to work with,” Edwin said. “The material is a great context to play with sonically as well, and the moody ballad “Pyre” could have been made for my Spector fretless, whilst for the bulk of the other tunes my trusty Wal 4 string, with a selection of fuzz and modulation effects, was a perfect fit.”

You can hear what he’s talking about on “Pyre”:

Inflamed Rides is available on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Inflamed Rides Track List:

  1. Jellyfish
  2. Breakdown
  3. Pyre
  4. Funfair
  5. Bed of Stones
  6. No Need
  7. Vuoto
  8. Dream of Black Dust
  9. Funny Games
  10. Black Dust
  11. Manipulation