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Analog Alien Now Shipping the Power Pack Boost Pedal

Analog Alien Power Pack Boost PedalAnalog Alien has beamed up a new clean boost pedal designed for both bass and guitar called the Power Pack. Billed as simple yet versatile, the pedal features a buffered input and a unique gain stage to pump up your signal or maintain unity gain and tonal balance in your signal path.

“If you use pedals, especially older vintage pedals, you may be experiencing a loss in signal level whenever one or more of them are in use,” Analog Alien writes. “The Power Pack will restore your signal to unity gain and at the same time improve the sound quality of your pedals.”

The Analog Alien Power Pack is available now with a street price of $159.

Analog Alien Power Pack Boost Pedal Features:

True Bypass
100% Analog Circuitry
Buffered Input
Works with Guitar, Bass and several other amplified instruments
Power: 9v+ battery or standard 9v+ power supply (BOSS PAS-120S recommended)

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