Best of 2018: The Top 10 Reader Favorite Bass Pedals & Effects

There were a ton of new bass pedals released over the course of 2018. Of all the ones we covered, here are the top 10 No Treble reader favorites for the year.

Line 6 Introduces the HX Stomp Multi-Effects Processor

1. Line 6 HX Stomp Multi-Effects Processor

Line 6 has unveiled the Step Beyond HX Stomp, a multi-effects processor for guitar and bass that models the sounds of their Helix amps, cabs, and effects in one pedal…

TC Electronic Announces the Aeon

2. TC Electronic Aeon

TC Electronic has expanded their line of musical gadgets with the Aeon, a handheld infinite sustainer that allows for holding out notes…

MXR Releases the Vintage Bass Octave Pedal

3. MXR Vintage Bass Octave Pedal

MXR has announced the Vintage Bass Octave, a pedal they say gives the classic octaver circuit with modern upgrades like superior tracking, cleaner headroom, and versatility…

TC Electronic Unveils the SpectraDrive Bass Preamp & Line Driver

4. TC Electronic SpectraDrive Bass Preamp & Line Driver

TC Electronic has expanded their bass offerings with the SpectraDrive, a bass preamp and line driver that the company calls a powerful tone tool for bass players…

Tech 21 and dUg Pinnick Team Up For DP-3X Signature Pedal

5. Tech 21 dUg Pinnick DP-3X Signature Pedal

dUg Pinnick has a new signature pedal from Tech 21 called the DP-3X that will be debuted at the Winter NAMM Show. The unit is a compact adaptation of his Ultra Bass 1000 head…

Darkglass Electronics Introduces Alpha Omega Ultra Pedal

6. Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega Ultra Pedal

Last year, Darkglass Electronics wowed NAMM-goers with the Alpha Omega. Now they’ve built upon the model with Alpha Omega Ultra, which they describe as “the most versatile bass preamplifier we’ve designed”…

Ortega Guitars Releases the QUANTUMloop

7. Ortega Guitars QUANTUMloop

Germany’s Ortega Guitars has unveiled the QUANTUMloop. The device is a looper pedal with a built-in multi-digital percussion stompbox featuring 16 factory samples plus four customizable sample slots…

Mistweaver Effects Introduces Two New Pedals

8. Mistweaver Effects Serpent Fuzz and the Forestry Overdrive

Mistweaver Effects has launched their product line with two pedals: the Serpent Fuzz and the Forestry Overdrive. Made in Singapore, each unit is inspired by vintage gear with a twist…

Mattoverse Electronics Introduces the Quadramix Pedal

9. Mattoverse Electronics Quadramix Pedal

Mattoverse Electronics has unveiled the Quadramix, a four-input and two-output mixer in a pedalboard-friendly enclosure. It allows for sending multiple sources into your amplifier or it can be used as a headphone amplifier…

Darkglass Electronics Unveils the Microtubes X Series Pedals

10. Darkglass Electronics Microtubes X Series Pedals

Darkglass Electronics has once again expanded their line of bass pedals with the Microtubes X series, including the Microtubes X and Mictrotubes X7 pedals…

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