Rufus Reid Releases Digital Edition of “The Evolving Bassist”

Rufus Reid: The Evolving BassistRufus Reid’s instructional book The Evolving Bassist has been the benchmark for jazz bass education for decades. After releasing a Millennium Edition in 2000, the book is now available in a digital format for the first time.

“I wish to announce that my book, THE EVOLVING BASSIST, is now available in a digital edition,” Reid shared on Facebook. “I do not know who, but there have been illegal downloads of my book and the DVD. But, NOW, there is the authentic book plus some extras in this 2020 edition.”

The book covers nearly every aspect of being a jazz bassist. Reid explains what to practice and how to approach the music with fundamental exercises, scales, walking bass examples, solo excerpts, and more. He even gets into frequently asked questions about amplification, gear, and more.

The digital version of The Evolving Bassist is available now through Reid’s website for $18.

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