Rachel Eckroth, Alassane, and Tim Lefebvre Release “Moot Points”

Rachel Eckroth, Alassane, and Tim Lefebvre: Moot PointsThe husband and wife team of Tim Lefebvre and Rachel Eckroth have been putting out amazing music, lessons, and tutorials through their Live from Blackbird Patreon page. Their latest release is a mesmerizing track in collaboration with Tuscon, Arizona-based singer, writer, and artist Alassane.

Moot Points presents a dream-like sonic atmosphere with ethereal and surreal lyrics. It features both Eckroth and Alassane on vocals and keyboards with Lefebvre handling bass and production duties. Drummer Corey Fonville provides an active, organic pattern that lets the bassist drive with an aggressive momentum while also dropping perfect fills throughout. Fans of Lefebvre may hear echoes of his work on David Bowie’s Blackstar reverberating in the song.

Of course, he also gets a killer and unique bass tone. “The bass is my 68 Gretsch Country Gentleman bass, mic’ed up thru my Yamaha EM80 and a 1-10” cabinet,” he tells us.

As if the song isn’t amazing enough, the trio recruited Tatch Taboada to create this unreal music video.

Moot Points is streaming now and available for download via iTunes and Amazon MP3. We’re anxiously awaiting more from this collaboration, and Lefebvre hinted to us that an EP may be in the works. We’ll keep you updated.

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