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  • Kenobass Project [new release]

    Bassist Bruno Rivoire, aka Kenobass, has just announced a new album, Kenobass Project. The release contains seven rock/metal/progressive compositions by Bruno, and includes Bruno on bass, Ayman Mokdad on guitars, Samuel Scheubel on keyboards, Fred Lenfant and Sylviane Rivoire on vocals, and Fabien Lacroix on vocals and guitar. In 2007, Bruno collaborated on Ayman’s debut... »

  • Willie Dixon: Bassology

    Willie Dixon: Bassology

    Todays’ featured video showcases the amazing skills of bassist Willie Dixon, performing in 1966. This clip, filmed by the Canadian television network CBC, was re-discovered 30 years later and released on a DVD entitled . Special thanks to The Blues Blogger, for the tip and the great story. »

  • Chris Tarry: Live at the Birdseye-Switzerland [new release]

    Bassist Chris Tarry has released his latest album, Live at the Birdseye-Switzerland, recorded in Basel, Switzerland during Chris’s European tour in 2008. Joining Chris on this release is Dan Weiss on drums, Kelly Jefferson on saxophone, Pete McCann on guitar and Henry Hay on piano. The album is available as a download only, from Chris’s... »

  • Alfred releases “Total Blues Bassist”

    Alfred Music Publishing has just released their latest in their Total Bassist series, this time covering the blues. The Total Blues Bassist: A Fun and Comprehensive Overview of Blues Bass Playing (Book & CD) covers beginning to advanced techniques for blues bass playing, covering Delta, Chicago and Texas blues styles, rockabilly, funk and jazz. The... »

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  • Kai Eckhardt: Bass Solo

    Kai Eckhardt: Bass Solo

    Check out Kai Eckhardt taking a solo during a performance with John McLaughlin. John digs it. »

  • SMV: Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, and Victor Wooten tour updates

    Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten are back on tour, supporting their release, Thunder: Jun 7: Capital Jazz Festival in Columbia, MD Jun 8: Carolina Theater in Durham, NC Jun 11: House of Blues in Boston, MA Jun 12: Nokia Theatre in New York, NY Jun 13: Eastman Theatre in Rochester, NY Jun 26:... »

  • Return to Forever: Live at Montreux 2008 DVD [new release]

    In the wake of their incredible successful live CD set, Return to Forever will release a DVD of their live set at Montreux, 2008, on May 12th. This is a very special film, which caught one of the first nights that bassist Stanley Clarke, keyboardist Chick Corea, guitarist Al Di Meola, and drummer Lenny White... »

  • Mike Flynn: Four-Finger Picking Lesson

    Mike Flynn: Four-Finger Picking Lesson

    London-based bassist Mike Flynn has mastered the four-finger picking style, and he’s posted a video to demonstrate it for the rest of us. Mike shares, “I’ve been trying to get it for a while and as I already do the Wooten stuff that involves using two finger pluck with the index and middle fingers on... »

  • Bass played by Jaco Pastorius at auction

    A bass owned by classically trained bassist and concert promoter Rod Glaubman and played by Jaco Pastorius is being offered up at auction. We’re not sure we buy the whole story, but from what we’ve gathered, Jaco borrowed this bass frequently, and possibly modified it. As the story goes, Glaubman allowed some modifications, but stopped... »

  • Joseph Pernicano: Evolving Paths [new release]

    Jazz bassist and composer Joseph Pernicano has released his debut CD, Evolving Paths. Track list: 1. Evolving Paths 2. Journey from Tashkent 3. Longer to Shorter 4. Advice from a Friend 5. on the Spot 6. Down for the Count 7. Double Enigma Here’s a preview: Widgets Joseph is planning a tour of the... »