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Tone Electronix Announces the Animalizzer Pedal

Portugal’s Tone Electronix has added a new pedal to their lineup with the Animalizzer. The unit, which they say works well on bass and guitar, is a versatile overdrive, distortion, and fuzz.

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Haunted Labs and Dirty Haggard Audio Announce the Hell Horse Pedal

Dirty Haggard Audio has teamed up with Haunted Labs to introduce the Hell Horse, a pedal that combines fuzz and delay to create some unique sounds.

Darkglass Electronics Unveils ADAM Pedal

Darkglass Electronics has added a new weapon to their lineup of effects with the Aggressively Distorting Advanced Machine, aka ADAM. The new device was created with Adam “Nolly” Getgood and has the multi-instrumentalist’s “entire tonal arsenal...”

Barefaced Audio Releases First Effects Pedal: The Machinist

Barefaced Audio is primarily a company that builds bass and guitar cabs, but they’ve just unveiled their first effects pedal. The Machinist was dreamed up after Rage Against The Machine bassist Tim Commerford contacted Barefaced to try out a cab.

Markbass Unveils the Mark Vintage Pre Preamp Pedal

After previewing it at the NAMM Show earlier this year, Markbass has revealed the full details of the Mark Vintage Pre. A big part of the pedal’s creation came from a suggestion by Marcus Miller, who was looking for a compact recording unit.

Empress Effects Unveils Bass Compressor and Compressor MkII Pedals

Empress Effects has expanded its lineup of compressors with two new models. While their flagship model has been revamped to include a “tilt” tone EQ control and selectable side chain, the new bass model has been retooled for us low-enders.

MSL Pedals Introduces the Night Witch Fuzz + Ramping Phaser Pedal

MSL Pedals has announced the Night Witch Fuzz and Ramping Phaser Pedal, which the company explains is their take on the vintage Roland AP7 Jet Phaser. The new unit replicates the original characteristics while updating it for modern times.

EBS Unveils Stanley Clarke Signature Acoustic Preamp Pedal

EBS has collaborated with jazz bass legend Stanley Clarke to unveil the EBS Stanley Clarke Signature Acoustic Preamp. Designed with the double bass in mind, the two-channel preamp operates at a signal level equal to a professional mixing console.

SolidGoldFX Introduces NU-33 Vinyl Engine Pedal

SolidGoldFX has unveiled the NU-33 Vinyl Engine, a new pedal that replicates the lo-fi sound of vintage records.

Fuzzrocious Pedals Unveils 420 Fuzz v2 Pedal

Fuzzrocious Pedals is about to light it up again with the 420 Fuzz v2. The new version of the pedal, which was previously built in limited batches, is now a permanent part of the company’s effect lineup.

Sunnaudio Introduces Nucleus NU-1 Dual Boost Distortion Pedal

Sunnaudio has introduced the Nucleus NU-1 Dual Boost Distortion, an analog preamp designed for both bass and guitar. The pedal features a dual boost with high to low gain to go from a clean signal to full distortion.

Boss Unveils the RC-5 and RC-500 Looper Pedals

Boss has unveiled the next generation of their looping stations with the RC-5 and RC-500, each featuring the company’s latest technology. Both pedals feature 57 onboard rhythms, 99 phrase memories for storing loops, backlit displays, and more.